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Schuller’s Kitchen/Schuller’s Shortbread

Schuller’s Kitchen is the home-based version of Schuller’s Bakery, which used to be located in Seahurst. Since closing my brick-and-mortar bakery, I have still kept in close contact with many loyal customers by providing them with many of the classic and delicious products I once baked in that building. I offer a variety of delicious custom cakes, pies, desserts, soups, and focaccia, ALL vegetarian, as well as some vegan options…the list is endless!

Schuller’s Shortbread is a line of fabulous cookies that follow a traditional recipe with ‘twisted flavors’. All of our baked items are made to order. Ready-to-go foods that the community can purchase are offered several times a year. Ingredients are locally sourced and locally grown.  Milled organic flours are from the PNW. I personally grow some herbs, fruits, and veggies in the summer, and I source ingredients locally at nearby Farmer’s Markets. Packaging is as close to landfill-free as possible using cellulose bags which are compostable, and recyclable kraft boxes and bags. No single-use plastic is used! Any food waste is composted.

Reach out to me–I am always available for questions or requests through the website, email, or our social media outlets!



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