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Highline Tutoring and Testing Center was established in 1983. From humble beginnings, Wendy Wenger started the business with only herself as the tutor, upstairs above a carport on 153rd. Eventually, other teachers were hired to accommodate the growing request for tutorial assistance. As the need grew, the business location moved to larger facilities and now is located at 245 SW 152nd, Ste. A, in Burien.

Wendy Wenger tells the story of why she is dedicated to the field of tutoring. As a child, she had eyesight issues and struggled in the primary grades. Her recently graduated 2nd-grade teacher realized that this was a problem and worked with her parents regarding her school achievement. With that teacher’s help and her parents working with her, she caught up with her peers. With the support of her teachers, Wendy earned a Bachelor of Arts in Education, following it up with special education training, primary teaching, and other training. It was through her life experience, that Wendy became inspired to work with children.

Moving through the next 40 years, HTTC has had the privilege of helping families from around the world, adults, senior citizens, rehabilitation organizations, special education students, grades K-12, college students, and homeschoolers. The Highline Tutoring and Testing Center is an active member of the Burien community supporting children’s development and educational journies, with compassion, empathy, and an endless supply of encouragement.




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